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Revolution Fitness is a new gym that provides exclusive membership and will not be beaten on membership prices.

Evolution Fitness

There is no “fluff” or distractions at Revolution Fitness Newtownabbey

You will not find any TV’s, juice bars, fancy locker rooms, air conditioning or “easy listening” music at our gym; what you will find is an incredibly motivating, intense atmosphere; the best training equipment and the desire to push yourself to the Maximum.

Revolution Fitness Newtownabbey prides itself on not being like any commercial gyms, we are committed to providing each of our members with the best in training equipment and an enjoyable atmosphere to train in.

Put simply we are a gym that will suit your everyday needs, whether you want to tone up or concentrate on body building we have the tools and equipment to suit everybody. 

There is NO joining fee or any other hidden fees, we aim to make training enjoyable and affordable 

Gym Supplements are provided at the gym and can be ordered at the gym or via the contact email address 

Open 24/7 - Train at your own convenience at any time of day or night, on any day of the week

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Security – The gym is monitored by a 24 hour real time cctv system as well as unique PIN code access system, the car park is under constant surveillance so all your concentration will be on the workout.

There are panic button stations within the gym that go straight to the control room in the event of any emergency. 

There are both Male and Female changing rooms and a disabled changing facilities.

We also have our exlcusive 'FIGHT ROOM' which now has a fully functioning Boxing Ring added to it, and also includes 10 brand new punching bags to assist with training.

Our Gym Equipment includes:

  • New Multi Functional Machine 'THE TWISTER'

  • Seated Chest press plate,

  • loadedShoulder press plate,

  • loadedLat Pulldown Platem

  • Loaded 45 Degree Leg press/hack squat combine,

  • Plate loaded Seated Calf Raise,

  • Plate Loaded Seated Row Plate,

  • Loaded Leg Extension/seated Leg Curl Stack combined,

  • Cable Crossover x 100kg stacks,

  • Preacher Bench,

  • Adjustable Benches,

  • 2.5kg to 55kg Cast Iron Dumbells with a rack,

  • 1000kg Cast Iron Olympic Plates with Stand,

  • Rubber Dumbbells from 1 kg to 30kg,

  • Kettlebells,

  • Punchbag,

  • Medicine Balls 

  • 4 Power racks,

  • 6 adjustable benches,

  • Battle ropes,

  • Glute Ham raise machinem

  • Trap bars,

  • Olympic bars,

  • Olympic Fat bar,

  • Olympic Swiss bar,

  • Rowing machine,

  • Cross Trainer,

  • Running Machines,

  • Excercise Bikes,

  • And more....................

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