About Us

What is Sports Coaching Solutions?

Sports Coaching Solutions was designed to provide a solution to several very real problems in the Sports/Fitness Industries. Coaches spend lots of time and money getting qualified in their chosen field, and then simply don’t market themselves or showcase their skills and experience effectively enough to a target market audience.

Yes there are some coaches market themselves, via lots of paper fliers, and business cards around their local area, and others that spend a huge amount of money designing websites that  mostly don’t function properly or are hidden in the World Wide Web, seldom to be found. 

The other problem is that it can be very difficult to find the right coach you are looking, in relation to qualifications, cost, location, and experience. In this day and age with smart technology we felt this was inexcusable, hence the reason Sports Coaching Solutions was created.

Finally there is now a site that provides people with choice, when deciding upon a coach or a club.

Coaches & Instructors

The site which allows coaches to create their own unique profile, showcasing all their qualifications, experience, location, photos, videos, upcoming events  and much more....  

Sports Coaching Solutions recommends that coaches upload evidence of their qualifications. It also allows the coach to provide evidence of their insurance and safeguarding children/child protection training.

One Stop Shop

Sports Coaching Solutions is an All Inclusive site for all your Sports/Fitness Recreation needs. Whether you require an Abseiling Instructor or a Zumba Instructor, or are simply looking information on a particular sports club to go along and attend, you will have to look no further than Sports Coaching Solutions

Why register on Sports Coaching Solutions website?

  •  You get to create your own unique profile page, and list all your qualifications, experience, location, cost and a bit about yourself.

  • The site allows you add pics, videos, and other useful marketing materials to your unique profile.

  • Allows “you” the coach to promote and market yourself more effectively and efficiently, to everyone requiring to use your services such as councils, schools, clubs, gyms, organisations, businesses and everyday casual users.

  • Use the Unique Booking Calendar function that is built into your profile, so you can list your availability, and be booked in real time.

  • Use the site to network with other sport specific coaches in your industry.

  • Continually update your skills and expertise as you achieve them immediately without any additional cost.

  • Link your unique profile into an existing website if you already have one, and if you don’t have one, then save yourself a fortune and simply create your profile on our site for a fraction of the price.


Why use Sports Coaching Solutions?

  • Absolutely free for you to search and contact any coach/club/gym
  • Provides quick and efficient information on all local sports coaches and clubs in your area.
  • You get a smarter more efficient way to find the right coach for you.
  • Allows you to view location via map/location function on their profile page.
  • The booking calendar function allows you to contact a coach directly, and book the time slot you require accordingly in real time.
  • The coaches/clubs profiles will allow you to view photos, videos, and upcoming events, to provide you with a clearer picture, of what’s on offer.
  • You now have more choice, in relation to price, location, level of qualifications, experience, insurance, safeguarding children certification etc.

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